Steering efficiency
in the right direction.

Our aim is to develop software that will still be relevant tomorrow. While realising complex function-oriented modules, we never lose sight of the big picture.

With this background, we work on both, specific industry solutions and open source frameworks. This approach forms the basis for our integrative work with partners and customers and enables us to create promising platforms such as the RCS system family and the SCION Workbench.

Our Profile

Mobility needs moving solutions.

Rail transport is continuously gaining in importance and significance and will determine the mobility concepts of our future. In the 21st century, people expect transit systems that are useful and reliable. mtrail develops the necessary solutions. Throughout Europe.

For us, complexity is not an obstacle but the measure of all things. We identify higher-level interrelationships and the core issues arising from them. Today's problems require profound solutions for tomorrow. Our goal is to pursue sustainable development that results in meaningful long-term investments for our clients and our projects.

As the basis for successful processes, we offer a comprehensive range of services:

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